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Ways to show your brand values to be an authentic photography business

By Hannah McClune SIM Brand Ambassador and owner of Hannah McClune Photography www.hannahmcclune.com There are thousands of us. I’m a photographer. You’re a photographer. The thousands of client’s SIM has are photographers. It can easily seem overwhelming to be part[...]

Harnessing the power of Social Media

By Ella Abangma, Marketing Manager - Sim Imaging : Are you a Professional photographer looking for practical tips on harnessing the power of social media? Then this article is for you. How often do you scroll through a social feed[...]

Seeing Like a Camera

By Andrew Appleton, Appleton Photo Training. Why is the scene in front of us often so much more beautiful, more dramatic than the one on the back of the camera? Learn the 6 main reasons and take better pictures. You[...]

Typography tips for Pro Photographers

By Matt Cook, Designer, Sim Imaging Professional photographers, we all know you can produce some of the most stunning imagery the world has ever seen! But sometimes good Typesetting and layout on design projects can be an afterthought. Read on[...]

Blogging for Photographers

By Donal Doherty Since I launched my photography business, blogging has been at the core of my marketing strategy. In this article I’m going to share the strategies I’ve used to win Photography Blog of the Year for the last[...]

Three Easy Ways To Earn More Income with Album Sales

By Sanjay Jogia. Often we associate selling with bad experiences we’ve had with sales people, but the reality is we are selling and being sold to every day. And in your business selling is something that is natural and necessary.[...]

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

By Hannah, from Hannah McClune Photography. There is one major task you need to carry out for a flow of wedding bookings that get you excited, the ones that light you up. It is the first step in marketing and[...]

Welcome to the new Sim Blog!

Here at Sim we’re obsessed with photography and love the power it has to tell a story. That’s why we’ve created this blog with all photography lovers in mind! We hope that anyone, from professionals to complete beginners, will find[...]