ShootEditChatRepeat LIVE – We are one

In January earlier this year we were thrilled to be invited to the very first (but hopefully not the last) ShootEditChatRepeat LIVE recording! Organised & hosted by leading UK photographers Eddie Judd and Vicki Knights, they’ve created a series of podcasts to entertain and inform the modern world of creative entrepreneurs and the professional photography community.

To celebrate their official first birthday, Eddie and Vicki decided to record the show live in London, Hammersmith with an impressive panel of 3 professional females and a room filled with eager photographers, beginners and experienced alike. In honour of International Women’s Day, below is a taste of the topics they covered, but we would absolutely recommend listening to the entire podcast and be inspired by this impressive panel and of course the incredible pair that brought it all together, Eddie & Vicki.

Photography websites

Working on your website with Melissa Love of The Design Space

Presenting first, Melissa dived into the importance of websites and branding and how if wielded properly, your website can be a marketing machine. Ensure its focused exclusively on photography and make it memorable. Why should the ideal client pick you? Tell them! A strong positioning statement usually consists of telling visitors what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it.

“This is your chance to state your “why” and tell people what differentiates you from your competition.”

Don’t forget, if you’re not sure what makes your brand stand out, ask your clients. Include questions in your booking form or interview such as “Why did you book me?” and “How did you find me?” as each and every client has chosen you for a reason, regardless the competition and options available to them. You have the ideal pool of consumer data there, you just need to analyse it.

Emphasising that your website is a living tool, Melissa stressed the importance of showcasing passion and inspiration combined with ease of use, converting contact enquiries into bookings with one click. The Design Space Co specialises in helping customers build their own beautiful website and believe everyone can do it. We’ll be featuring more from them in our upcoming blogs to be sure to watch this space.

Get to know your photography clients

Hannah Macgregor from Funky Photographers

Full of energy as well as tips for capturing a true connection, Hannah covered the basics of organisation and how to get the best out of each and every photo shoot. Focusing on weddings, she emphasized the benefits of including an engagement / pre wedding shoot as standard on every package.

“A pre wedding shoot is another opportunity for you to impress clients.”

This gives you a chance to reconnect with the couple, especially if you’ve been booked 18 months – 2 years in advance as well at the explore the venue with them to really get excited about the big day. Not only this, engagement shoots give couples the opportunity to adjust to the idea of their picture being taken and move past all the awkwardness in preparation for capturing stunning shots on the day. Attributed to being the key to feeling relaxed in the run up to each and every wedding, Hannah lists her top tips. From turning up early, to gathering information, capturing organic moments and even utilising mini networking opportunities.

When is it the right time to raise your photography prices?

Faye Cornhill from Faye Cornhill Coaching

Jumping straight in, Faye explains that although every business is different, being booked is a good indicator it might be time to raise the bar, not overly fully booked but comfortable enough that you’re gaining bookings easily. You may also notice that you’re not getting booked for the little details and extra’s that you’re personally really excited about. If clients aren’t bothered by the personalised tissue paper you’ve carefully selected to wrap your fine art album in, or if they are not wowed when their images are handed over on a beautiful crystal USB stick, then this could potentially be a sign that you’ve been booked on a price basis rather than for the elements that you value. You have to ensure you believe in yourself and your work and to be confident in what you put out to the world and to understand that your clients are buying you.

“You have to have 19 touch points with a client before they will even consider booking you.”

Faye also covers the psychology behind how clients choose you as a photographer. There is a subconscious build up before a client makes the decision to book you as their photographer for any event, and ensuring you are consistently in wowing them on every occasion is vital to your ongoing success. This can be 19 separate occasions of seeing you on social, visiting your website or blog (more than once), reading your testimonials or via a direct recommendation from a friend, so it’s important to cover your bases and get every aspect in tip top shape to ensure you are not continuously losing bookings as a result of a single element i.e a poor or unclear website.

Analysing your own website and branding in line with how you think customers are finding you is key to improving your photography business moving forward. There is always room for improvement in any platform you’re marketing from, but there is a world of help and information out there to help.

To listen to the entire podcast (and we absolutely recommend that you do!) visit the ShootEditChatRepeat website and listen for free with heaps more information and useful links.