Five top tips for newborn photographers

by Claire Elliott

1 – Work safely

Research safety for posing newborns. They are fragile little beings and really do need special consideration. From the room temperature, posing limbs comfortably to composite work. This is a vital part of your newborn photography journey, and one not to be overlooked.

2 – Find your style

Work hard to create and build your studio and prop collection to your own unique style. We each have our own way of creating our art, so be individual and the right clients will come to you for your style.

3 – Keep it simple

4 blanket changes, 5 hats, 6 headbands, 7 props………
Sound familiar?
Well stop!!!!
Keeping your newborn sessions simple in design will free up your time and stop confusion during your sales appointment. (And your washing pile!)
Find out the clients preference within your working palette and stick to it. You may just make a bigger sale.

4 – Be prepared


List of must haves:

  • Refreshments for parents
  • Baby wipes or cotton pads
  • Spare nappies
  • Toddler cup for siblings
  • Dummies
  • Different brands of formula

Get ready list:

  • Beanbag prepped
  • Chosen props at hand
  • Hand gel at the ready
  • Bottled water at hand
  • Muslin cloth handy
  • Clean clothes at the ready
  • Phone on silent
  • Find your best smile
  • greet the clients

5 – Enjoy

As a newborn photographer I feel its important to enjoy your work. We may get sweaty and be pooped on a lot BUT its all part of the job we have chosen to embrace.
I personally feel privileged to be entrusted with a brand new life and be able to capture these early memories for the family to be treasured for years to come.

In short.

1 – Work safely
2 – Find your style
3 – Keep it simple
4 – Be prepared
5 – Enjoy

Much love – Claire