Five ways to speed up album ordering


Be sure your clients to values albums

This should be done from the start when they first start talking to you. Be sure to mention albums at that point and when ever the opportunity arises.
Take some time to consider the value for your couple of choosing to have a professional album ordered through you- then tell them, lots.

By making an album a consideration from the start – and knowing WHY they need one – they should have the mindset of ordering soon after the wedding.


Consider your timings

A great time to get the album ball rolling is when you send your couple their wedding gallery. Follow with a second email soon after that has a link to their album order form.

This timing is important – make it whilst there is the buzz of excitement from seeing their pictures for the first time.


Make it simple

If there is silence in response to the album order form to select images for the album, do it for them. I use SmartAlbums software- so easy to design, easy to show a proof online, easy to make changes – see the trend!

By taking an approach of designing the album as a first call it can make things easier for your couple. Making it as easy as possible for clients helps. They may be feeling overwhelmed choosing- you are the expert so you show them the selection that would tell the story of their day. Then they have an opportunity to make a revision or two to swap a new one in and out.

Also simplify album ordering by limiting the choice. Get samples of your favourite SIM albums, and just give those as choice to your couples. Offer the ones that fit with your brand best, the ones that your dream couples are most likely to love too.

To many different options can be overwhelming and slow down decision-making.


Show them off

Don’t be shy, shout about your albums. On your website, on social media, in a product brochure, as physical samples when you meet… be sure that your couples see them.

If they often get to see how fabulous they look, they are aware of what they can get, they are educated on the different covers choices, any extras… then they will be familiar with what is coming up after their wedding and start leaning towards what their favourite will be to order.


Be clear and communicate

In your contract you can add a line of text that defines the window of time after a wedding your couples have to get their album orders in. Hopefully this will get read, it may not get remembered. Yet, it is something to remind couples.

When you bring the topic of albums up you can say when they are available to order, you can remind them of the dates they have and post wedding you can add their cut off dates to their order forms and gently give them a nudge.



The ways to get those albums ordered and in your clients hands as efficiently as possible are:

  • Demonstrate the value of albums
  • Consider when it is you ask them to order
  • Make the process as simple as possible
  • Show the albums in as many ways and as often as possible
  • Make it clear when they need to order by


By Hannah McClune, Wedding Photographer & Mentor