John Nassari Photography Seminar

Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Seminar with John Nassari – Award Winning Photographer
Hosted by SIM Imaging  (Hatfield, Hertfordshire)

Thursday 26th April, 6pm to 7.45pm

Seminar: 60 mins
Q&A: 20mins
Cost: £10 + VAT (Each attendee will recieve a £10 Sim Imaging voucher)

Becoming a wedding photographer; its a big ocean out there and it can often be scary knowing when or where to dive in. Whether you are dipping your toe, just starting up or want to ensure you are on the right track, John will be discussing the key things to consider when beginning your own wedding photography business.

With over 25 years of experience as a photographer and working for the past 10 years specialising in the wedding industry, he will be sharing his top tips and techniques on how to get started and get noticed. Throughout the evening, you will be able to listen and discuss the best approaches for running a successful business, and see how John has become one of the most accomplished and awarded photographers in the Uk.