Ways to show your brand values to be an authentic photography business

By Hannah McClune
SIM Brand Ambassador and owner of Hannah McClune Photography www.hannahmcclune.com

There are thousands of us.
I’m a photographer. You’re a photographer. The thousands of client’s SIM has are photographers.

It can easily seem overwhelming to be part of such a saturated market. But there are simple ways to get through the noise and stand out.

This is by being authentic. Having a photography business that is certain of it’s brand values and knows how to clearly show them.

Before we chat about how to show your brand values, let’s leap back a step- what are your brand values?

Have you defined how you want your business gets perceived?

If no, take yourself away from your computer with a mug of coffee to curl up on the sofa with a pen and notepad. Let your mind wander and answer what it is that is important to you. What has meaning that you want to reflect in your business?

Think deeply here, it is easy to choose wonderful, but vague words. For example, honest, friendly, reliable… they sound lovely. But are not going to get you noticed.

Instead drill down a further into what specifically makes you those top line terms unique to you. For example, you may choose the word ‘honest’. You could break this down to a clearer and more detailed value by saying a brand value of your photography business is “Honesty is in each step of the journey. From initial contact with clear pricing, to being able to take photographs that are an authentic reflection of the person in front of your lens.”

Once you have a clear outline of your top brand values you need to be able to show them clearly.

Make it simple for your dream client to be able to see what you stand for.

Each message you send must clearly showcase these brand values and there are two main ways to do this:

  1. Language
  2. Visually

Firstly, the language you use for your business is a key way to present your brand values. Carefully consider the copy and the words you share, the tone of your voice and that what you say fits with your brand values.

Secondly, focus on the visual element. Your brand design, the colours you choose, the textures, the fonts, the look of your website, the images in your portfolio are essential to reflect your brand values. This follows through into the products you choose to show that you offer your clients, whether it is the wooden USB boxes that fit your brand or the linen USB boxes, being consistent in each area reinforces those brand values.

If your customers are finding you online, this is even more crucial. People land on your website, your Instagram feed, your Facebook page and glance.

That short glance needs to instantly make them believe in you.

Having photographs that present who you truly are, gives an authentic voice to your brand. If your social media and website has poorly taken images it will represent you in an equally poor way. If polished and professional is how you want to be seen, then that is how your pictures must be too. Luckily, we are in exactly the right professions to make that happen easily.

To sum up the ways to show your brand values to be an authentic photography business are:

  • List what is important to you and for your business
  • Define these with clear brand values
  • Review if those brand values fit with the messages you share, in both your language and visuals
  • If yes, go high five yourself, well done- it’s not an easy achievement
  • If no, start a to do list for how you can turn that around

What are your core brand values? Do comment below, we’d love to know.

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By Hannah McClune
SIM Brand Ambassador and owner of Hannah McClune Photography