Typography tips for Pro Photographers

By Matt Cook, Designer, Sim Imaging

Professional photographers, we all know you can produce some of the most stunning imagery the world has ever seen!

But sometimes good Typesetting and layout on design projects can be an afterthought.

Read on below for 5 great tips on how to create quick layouts that enhance
your photography, plus set the tone for your designs!

Too many fonts!

Try to limit any piece of design to 2 or 3 different typefaces & styles. This means that the body should all be one font and size. If you’re a wedding photographer, then match a font that complements the theme and style of the wedding. So if it’s a modern wedding a good clean typeface like ‘Gill Sans’, or for a Vintage wedding something with more character like ‘American Typewriter’ are nice fits.

Why not align on a grid?

Think about using a grid to add your text to your designs. Using guides can really set the tone whether it’s a clean look and feel or something more fun and spontaneous!
Don’t always place text in the corners of a page if it doesn’t suit the photography. If the photo is central and bold then put the type in a bold format to complement your layout.

Is your text easy to read?

Whatever you do, make sure that people can read your message. Dark text on a
dark colour, is not a good idea for covers, lids or introductions. If you are applying text to a high contrasting image, why not add a vignette to that area to either lighten or darken, depending on the colour of your type. Remember less is more, why not simplify the message into its basic components.

Picking a colour that suits your design, theme or colours!

What color is best for type? Generally, believe it or not, black or white is often best. But say the wedding theme was purple; even making parts of the design in that colour can really lift the type, but always consider using a couple of colours only. If you’re using Sim Ware or Photoshop, why not colour pick the colour and then you can use this throughout the designs as a brand colour.

Be Bold, really show off your Type designs!

Really think about the size of the text, even in subtle designs you can place the text in a prominent position. Titles work best being nice and bold and large, but if you set your paragraph or dates too large, it tends to feel cheap. Why not take inspiration from restaurants when the menus are written in smaller print, it makes it feel classy.
(Make sure it’s not so small it’s hard to read). If you are using heading and paragraph text, don’t be afraid to make the headings much larger than the body.

And Finally…

…remember this is only a guide, don’t be afraid to break the rules! I do all the time! When it suits the design give it time and consideration and really go for it!