Three Easy Ways To Earn More Income with Album Sales

By Sanjay Jogia.

Often we associate selling with bad experiences we’ve had with sales people, but the reality is we are selling and being sold to every day. And in your business selling is something that is natural and necessary. To be successful as a business owner, it’s important to get comfortable with it.

Sanjay Jogia of Eye Jogia Photography has 10 years of experience as a professional photographer in London, and was recently named one of the top six wedding photographers in the world by Professional Photographer Magazine. He shares how he’s perfected his album sales experience for his clients, creating a profitable business.

There are three areas within the album sales process that can help a photographer earn more income through upselling.

Professional albums layouts By Sanjay Jogia.

1. Design More Spreads in The Pre-design

In each of the wedding packages at Sanjay’s studio, the albums offered are smaller in size and number of spreads to allow room for growth. So, when it comes to the pre-design, he uses Fundy Designer to make sure to design more spreads than the clients’ package calls for. Nine times out of ten, a prospect will purchase the package that they are comfortable with, knowing that they will probably upgrade the album.
Inevitably, as they view the pre-design during their studio experience, and as they see the story of their day unfold, they are convincing themselves that what they are viewing is exactly what their album needs to be. Therefore, when they begin refining their album and have to consider taking full spreads out of the final product, they will see holes in their storyline and album.

Using Fundy Designer, Sanjay says it’s simple to swap or add images, as well as take out pages and spreads, but most of the time, the clients will end up keeping the bulk of the pre-design – extra pages and all.

2. Show Your Clients The Various Album and Print Options

The album included in your wedding collections should be basic with the option to upgrade. When Sanjay invites a couple back in the studio the second time, he offers them a variety of paper, cover, and size options to choose from. Once the couple feels and sees the differences in each book, they are able to make a more informed decision about the album that they will be cherishing for a lifetime.

Don’t underestimate the power of a client being able to see many sample albums and prints in a variety of sizes, textures, and shapes. Help them envision their images in an aesthetically pleasing album on their coffee table or a gallery of prints on their wall.

Sanjay uses Fundy Designer for the album pre-design as well as showing his clients what wall art will look like in their home.

3. Give Your Clients The Option For More Books

Often the design the couple wants will differ from what the couples’ parents want. The parent’s typically will want an album that includes more family photos. They may also want a different size and cover option or an extra copy or two for Grandma. Not only is this is a great opportunity to sell more albums and more album designs, you’ll be making the clients and their families happy by giving them exactly what they want.

Since designing an album is no longer tedious, you can offer the option for more books with different designs without cringing at the thought of the work involved. Your clients won’t have to know how simple it is to do so either.